Sorry 4 U

Ramona Nerra born in Romania but known after the participation in reality show The Voice of Germany, and Romania, but many of you are familiar with her voice from ATB hits "Never give up" and "In out of love".

This year she came back with amazing track entitled "Sorry (4u)" write by Ramona, Dr. Mako and MNDay.

"Sorry" was based on a real story, that Ramona wanted to show to others as an example of what to do :

If you are in toxic relationship  the only way is to Go, and learn to respect and love yourself. And the best revenge is Success. 

Sorry (for you) was release on all digital megastores  here  , and video here.



Me gusta or I like it!?

INNA came  with a another hit entitled "Me gusta".  The single is extracted from "Nirvana" and the video was shoot in Barcelona and in Bucharest.
INNA blow the charts in 2010 with "Hot" and "Club Rockers" and her videos 900 millions views.
Let's hope that she will brake also the wall of West European Radios with this new track
"Me gusta" can be found Here

JES - Get me through the night

After a long break, break I cannot say that cause she didn't took a break, but her latest works ... to be honest didn't touch my "music feeling' .
Now she is back with an amazing track made in the old style, that I really enjoying ... if you don't know about who I am talking is - JES known after collaboration with Motorcycle , Tiesto, BT , and the list is long... but this single entitled "Get me through night " is a piece of hit.
I don't know if will have the result of Taylor Swift videos , cause she is not in posture to buy views like many records labels from US , but this single deserves more views ...
Enjoy it.. cause is a piece of Gold from an artist who also sings and writes..  and writes very well .....
The tune can be found on all digital megastores... #GoodMusic 

The E-Rotic is back!

The German eurodance project who blow up the 90s with songs that made allusion to sex, is back!  David Brandes and Lyane Leigh project E-Rotic are making for real a comeback in 2018 with a song that for eurodance lovers and E-Rotic fans for sure will appreciate. The tune is entitled Mr.Mister and has the old sound that E-rotic used to promote and with a little influence from Culture Beat.   The single is made on IceZone Music and will be out on February 2nd. 
The team release also new songs in 2016 but without success, the fans wanted the old sound and now they are back.

Simone Denny a real Superstar

In this world when we have less good examples, and more trash, one artist continue to share to the world that she has more to offer.
The artist that I am talking about is Simone Denny lead singer of canadian project Love Inc.
I watched her career among the years, and what I saw is to keep to be herself, and is transmitting this message through her music.

Be yourself and shine like a superstar.

By the way the she never contact me to write something about her, but I was amazed how people is reacting to her music... I was very impressed, like her,  when I saw a video with her performance at Reminisce Fest 2017.
The public was thrilled ,and sang with her ... or didn't let her :)
Simone Denny is one a few  examples that world needs to know... and she deserve also more... cause real Superstars are not only the ones with Grammys  or Billboard hits but also a people with the good energy who's sharing whit the public.
So Simone please shine like superstar cause that what you are! And... I mean it!


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